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The process

Black & White Piezography PRO prints

A black and white, out of the ordinary print

The carbon ink-based traditional Piezography with charcoal pigment already was the most qualitative black and white print process in the world and today, with Piezography Pro and split toning, it is a truly customized print for every artist that’s offered to you.

The system functions with 10 inks + one polish (4 inks with warm tones and 4 inks with cool tones, a matte black one and a glossy black one. Which means that the print is done on a base of 9 inks of varying shades of grey. This new process allows us to have darker blacks on matte or satin paper thanks to a new black ink formula that absorbs light. This matte black ink is to this day the most dense ink in the world.

One of the biggest advantages of the pro system is the ability to creates customized curves by adding warm or cool tones to the black and white prints.

Another advantage of this process compared the traditional ink-jet process: transitions without staircase effects, soft gradients and a much better accuracy of the finer details. Moreover, the lifetime of the carbon inks with charcoal pigments is much longer than the traditional ink-jet prints, we’re talking about 150 years of conservation time here.

Furthermore, these inks produced from pure monochromatic pigments offer the advantage of not having metamerismic effects (with conventional ink-jet prints, depending on the color temperature of your light source, your print appears redder or greener).







Photo credits © Serge Anton