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Black & White Piezography PRO prints

Sophie Voituron

A Franco-Belgian artist, based in Brussels, I photograph for years the lines and architectural forms that I find in large cities and in nature.

My artistic approach is guided by the search for sobriety of spaces and forms. My images question the silence of these places. To achieve this, I mostly use the black and white that allows to abstract from the present and to dive more easily into a state of contemplation, beyond the subject represented.

For the printing of my photos, I quickly made the choice of Fine Art papers that bring a different feeling from classic photo papers, with a more "physical" approach to the image. This type of textured paper is interesting in terms of the sensations and emotions that can emerge from the image.

The choice of piezo ink was made naturally afterwards. This charcoal pigment carbon ink offers a completely unparalleled grey range and incredible density black, which meets my major printing needs.

It's no exaggeration to say that the combination of these two techniques, Fine Art paper and Piezo ink, can produce fantastic black and white prints.

Benoît Feron

I discovered with surprise the quality of the impression made with Piezography. Incredible precision and finesse in the details, which is very important for me, my photographic style, an amazing relief and a general modeling. All combined with the experience and quality of service of Jean-Jacques Micheli.

Benoît Feron is a Belgian photographer who is passionate about the primitive beauty of our planet and the diversity of its peoples and a world traveler. He has been intensely touring Africa for 15 years, fascinated by its unparalleled light, its exceptional nature, its wildlife, and the diversity and extreme beauty of its people.

His photographic work focuses mainly on the people he likes to capture the looks and faces, but also the work of the skin through ritual body painting, scarification, the alliance of the skin with jewelry or clothing, ...

Applying the same approach, he also seeks to capture abstraction in nature through close-ups or macrophotographies capturing the abstract nature of the land, flora, landscapes ... He also likes to blend regularly in the African savanna to photograph wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Ethiopia, Namibia, Botswana or South Africa. He regularly organizes workshops on this theme.


Benoît has done extensive work on the Rift Valley and has photographed most of the primitive tribes living there, as evidenced by his recent book "Portraits of the Rift". His photographic work also includes the particular landscapes of this extraordinary region, embellished by the presence of volcanoes and lakes that survey it from north to south, and whose foothills are enriched by some mythical sanctuaries such as Ngorongoro or Serengeti.

Recently, he discovered the beauty of Congo and its parks and volcanoes. He is currently doing important work on the colors and peoples of India.

The aforementioned themes (peoples, abstract nature, wildlife) have also led to areas as diverse as Papua New Guinea, Iceland, Patagonia, the Arctic or Antarctic, showing his appetite for the beauty of the planet Earth.

Benoît has published several books namely « Portraits du Rift » (2016), « Visages d'avocats » (2010) , « Visages de Goma » (2008) ou « Surma, Faces & Bodies » (2008).

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