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A very affordable price : explanation

A true reference in terms of quality with more than 40 years of experience in the production of art prints and decorations for the most demanding clients (artists, galleries, institutions, etc.) and unparalleled knowledge of the market of art photography and its actors, Jean-Jacques Micheli offers through this site, a selection of original works by photographic artists "coup de coeur" of whom he has often discovered the talent as a partner for the production of their exhibition prints and that he knows well for having seen them evolve in their artistic approach and affirm each one in their own style.

The particularity of the works proposed on this site is twofold :

  • These works were created by the artists outside of their basic process, deviating or leaving their style or their usual subjects. What is particularly interesting is that we will usually find the talent, the idea or the "signature" of the artist in a form other than the one to which he has accustomed us. Sometimes the fruit of a work out of series or never exposed, sometimes photo "coup de coeur", sometimes the product of chance, these images are always the result of a true "perception" of the artist who knew how to seize in a unique way a moment, a subject, a light, to create a true work of art where others would have just taken a picture.
  • Then, these works are proposed at a very affordable price, even if they have been produced with the same care, the same quality and especially rigorously with the same materials that these artists sell during exhibition salons or through traditional galleries. The only concession, essential so as to allow this democratization, is that the works are here proposed in open edition, ie unlimited, without meeting the three criteria that define a work of photographic art in the legal sense: draw by the artist or under his control, signed and numbered, in the limit of 30 copies, all formats combined.

The works presented in this section are available in all formats and on all media (paper - fine art - wallpaper - ChromaLuxe - Diasec - Piezography - fabric - Aluminum - forex ....)

An estimate will be drawn up according to your request, this one will include the expenses of production as well as the royalties of the artist.

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