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Frequently asked questions

How can I send a file?

Please refer to our File Transfer for the file transfer details

What types of files can I send?

We invite you to send the following formats:

  • 8 bits or 16 bits

What is the lead time?

The average duration is one week. A precise time can be submitted to each order according to its urgency or its volume.

Do you make a test before printing?

We always verify your files before printing them. If we have a doubt either on the correction of the image (contrast, density, etc ...) or on the definition of the image (the resolution is sufficient compared to the ordered format, we contact you from office!

On request, we can send you a final pre-print test at the price of 10 €, shipping included. The test is done on an A4, a full image, or a portion of the image to the enlargement of the requested format.

My image is a color image, can you print it?

Yes, we will apply a correction on your color image so that it presents the black and white the richest possible in term of range of gray and contrast.

This image is then sent to you by email for approval before printing.

What is the maximum format that you can suggest?

All standard sizes are in our price list, but we can, of course, print all intermediate sizes with a maximum size of 110 x 250 cm.

The price is then on request or refers to the nearest standard format. For example a 75x110 will be priced at the standard 80x120 format.

What are the shipping fees?

These fees vary depending on the weight and format, of the shipping address the transporter’s choice. The shipping fee is communicated at checkout.